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Olympic Games and Online Pokies No Deposit

The thrill of the Olympics brings out the competitive streak amongst gaming aficionados' who can enjoy their own gambling fun and excitement when they play casino games online

Thrills of Competition

Ever since the Stone Age humans have competed in athletic events for the honour of their family and country and for their own feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction. The ancient Greeks organized the athletic competitions into the Olympic games in approximately 776 BC. They wanted to honour the Olympian gods by demonstrating their prowess in sports such as running, wrestling, pole vaulting and other ancient sports. 

The Olympics of Ancient Greece continued for nearly twelve centuries, through the rise and fall of the Greek Empire. They took place in Olympia, in the Western part of the Peloponnese, amidst imposing temples and elaborate shrines to the Greek Gods. The ancient sporting facilities combined worship, religious and political activities. Overlooking the athletic stadiums were the majestic temples of Zeus and Hera. 

The Olympic Games were closely tied to religious festivals linked to the cult of Zeus so even though they were not an integral part of the right, the Emperor Theodosius outlawed the Olympic games in the 4th century in an effort to spread Christianity and stamp out pagan worship. 


By the 19th century there was interest in reviving the Olympic games and several sporting events were held in Europe, using the name and reputation of the ancient Olympics. In 1896 the modern Olympic games were established. They were held in Athens and included athletes from around the world. They were organized and run by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and included running, wrestling,  cycling, sailing, fencing, shooting, swimming, weightlifting and gymnastics. 

Over the years the basic prototype of the Olympics games has remained fairly stable. The core games from 120 years ago continue to form the core of today's Olympic games  with additions such as diving, golf, rugby, judo, archery, badminton, volleyballs and more. Baseball and softball have been added and removed several times as have sports such as croquet, underwater swimming and motor boating. 


Many people enjoy observing the Olympic games, either as on-site spectators or on their TV sets from home.  Both audiences have the option of betting on the games, either through bookies or online sites or in unofficial family or neighbourhood betting pools. 

Some of the bets are straightforward wagers, such as wagering on which competitor or team will take first, second or third place in an event. There are other types of bets as well which give points spreads and even bets on which competitor will come in last. Some online sportsbooks such as William Hill and Ladbrokes have opened up their sports betting to wagers on Olympic events.  They report that a good percentage of their wagers come on the sports that aren't necessarily the most popular sports but you can achieve wins through betting on Olympic events, regardless of the game, if you keep a few simple tips in mind. 

  • Betting on an Olympic sport is similar to betting on pokies games. You should make sure that you have as much information as possible about the competition before you place your bet. Read up on the sport, the players and anything else that you can find about your bet before you place your deposit.
  • People tend to pay attention to the most popular players in each game – because those are the competitors who dominate the media. However, similarly to the online pokies games that you play at the online casino, you might find that you achieve the best results if you concentrate on the underdogs. You don't have to bet on the underdogs to win – only to place, or to place in the spot on which you wager. It's a good idea to identify bets that risk little might win you a lot – you'll often find that by betting on underdogs.
  • Some betting sites, such as the Race and Sports Book, offer complimentary wagering seminars. These seminars include both online and on-site sessions in which presenters who are experts in the field provide information about the basics of sporting watering, insider information about athletes and teams and how to go about placing bets.
  • As with online casino betting, you should pre-determine your wagering budget and stick to it. Look at it as an entertainment expense. Just as you plan to spend a couple of hundred dollars on a special night out on the town and no more, stick to that kind of framework when you wager on the Olympics.
  • Consider wagering on some of the less-popular sports such as rackets, tug-of-war and wushu. Bettors often find that, with less competition, they have better chances to achieve significant results. 

Home Gambling

In addition to online betting on Olympic games you have other options for gambling entertainment, both alongside the Olympic excitement and afterwards. 

Sign into the online casino at any time and from any location on your PC or mobile device and play games for fun and real money wins. The casino is available 24/7 on all gambling devices so regardless of whether you're traveling on the train, taking a break from your work station, waiting for an appointment or relaxing in your living room armchair before you go to bed at night, you'll be able to log into your personal casino account and play at your personal leisure. 

The casino offers  everything that you'd find at a land-based casino and more! There are tablet games with multiple variations of roulette, blackjack and poker. Players are also invited to enjoy craps and baccarat, along with their favorite quick-win lotteries which include scratch card, sic bo, keno and bingo. 

For pokies enthusiasts the casino features hundreds of online pokies that revolve around themes that range from suspense and mystery to intrigue, adventure, travel, mysticism, whimsy, magic, science fiction, mythology, history, humor, romance. There are even pokies that have sports plots such as Cricket Star, Rugby Star, Football Star, Basketball Star and Centre Court.

You can enjoy the Olympics plus the Olympic games and online pokies no deposit when you play at the online casino.