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Mega Moolah Mobile Pokies – Winning 225,000 Credits Has Never Been So Easy!

One of the most favoured mobile pokies games is now available for players from all over the world, and you can enjoy it as well! With many animals' symbols, high quality graphics, multiple unique features, and the best bonuses one can find in such a game, your satisfaction in the game is absolutely guaranteed!

Winning up to 225,000 credits has never been so easy, and now you can do so while enjoying unique bonuses, and all the gaming features! Wild, Scatter, Four Progressive Jackpots, Bet Max, and many others are already a part of the game… are you going to join as well?

Play for Free – Win for Real with the Best Mobile Pokies Bonus!

As the popularity of Mega Moolah Mobile Pokies increases, more and more players are looking for ways to play this game as much as they can. A very common way to do so is to find methods to play the game for free. Although there are many ways to play mobile pokies no deposit games, there is no doubt the Scatter symbol is the most useful one to trigger the free game bonus.

In Mega Moolah, the Scatter symbol looks like a purple monkey. Once three, four or five Scatter symbols appear on adjacent reels, 15 free spins are triggered right away. During the free spins, no deposit is required, yet the player can keep on winning real money credits. In addition to that, all credits won during the free spins are 3X multiplied!

Scatter symbol has another great benefit which makes the Mega Moolah mobile pokies no deposit so much fun! It takes only two, or more, such symbols in order to benefit the players with additional credits immediately: two Scatters benefit with 2 credits, while three Scatters trigger a 3 credits' payout. Winning four Scatter symbols create a payout of 20 credits, and players who win all five Scatter symbols enjoy a wild payout of 100 credits right away!

Keep in mind that winning the mentioned payouts does not forfeit the player's free spins benefit. First, these credits are added to the player's payline, and then the free spins mode is triggered.

The Lion, the Wild Benefit, and the Substituting Bonus

There are many fun and creative ways to win the game and to enjoy additional payouts in a relatively short period of time. However, one of the most thrilling ways to make that happen is by using the special benefits of the Wild symbol.

Wild can be easily recognized in this game since it has the large lion figure on it. This symbol is capable of replacing almost any other symbol on the reels, besides the Scatter. This way, the Wild can take part in creating multiple additional winning combinations such as three, four, and five of a kind.

For example, if two identical symbols appear on lines #1 and #3, they cannot create any kind of winning combination which will benefit the player with a payout. However, once the Wild symbol appears on reel #2, it will replace the missing symbol and create a three of a kind winning combination. If this is not enough, be sure you remember that all credits won with the Wild symbols are 2X multiplied!

Lastly, it is also good to keep in mind that Wild, just like the Scatter, can take part in granting players credits without fulfilling its main purpose as a bonus symbol. Two Wild symbols are all that it takes for a player to win 15 credits right away. Once the player has won three Wild symbols, he or she can be confident 125 credits will be won in no time at all. Four Wilds are all that it takes for a player to enjoy the 1500 credits benefit, and if the player was lucky enough, and won five Wild symbols which appeared on all five reels, no less than 15,000 credits will be his or hers! Are you ready to win all of these credits?

The Unique Benefit of Mega Moolah Mobile Pokies – Four Progressive Jackpots!

While some of the benefits in this game can also be found in many other mobile and online pokies games, the Four Progressive Jackpots is a very unique benefit you are not likely to find elsewhere easily. This bonus is randomly triggered and can benefit you with one of the following payouts:

Mini Progressive – at least 10 credits

Minor Progressive – at least 100 credits

Major Progressive – at least 10,000 credits

Mega Progressive – at least 1,000,000 credits

In case the Progressive Jackpots Bonus and the free spins are triggered simultaneously, the Progressive Jackpots Bonus will be played out first.

Play the Game Your Own Way!

Up until now, you learned about all of the bonuses and benefits that are mostly randomly triggered and you cannot usually expect when and how they will appear. However, there are some features in this game you are able to control and to use in order to decide how you want to play your game.

The most favoured such features, which you will most probably want to use are:

Select Lines

This feature allows you to gain more control over your bets. By clicking either the Select Lines button or any of the numbers appearing at the sides of the lines on the screen, you will be able to mark as many lines as you want. The more lines you mark, the higher your bet gets, but the higher your potential payout gets. Once you are confident you chose the number of lines you want, you can click Spin, and see the results!

Remember that even after you marked one line or another, you can still increase or decrease the number of lines marked, as long as you didn't click the Spin button. In addition to that, there is no limit on the number of times you can use and enjoy this feature!

Coins & Select Coins

When using these features, you can enjoy a great control over your bets, and sometimes even to decide how long you want your game to be! The Coins feature is applied by the usage of the + and – buttons on the left lower part of the screen. Clicking these buttons will allow you to increase or decrease your coin size. The Select Coins button will allow you to decide how many coins you want to use during each bet.

Eventually, the higher your coin size is, and the greater the number of coins you choose, the higher your bet will get. Similarly, the lower your coins size will be, and the less coins you will decide to use during each bet, the lower your overall wager will get.

Firstly, this is good for players who experience a noticeable change in their number of credits, or the number of credits they wish to use. For example, players who want to use less credits than they used in previous spins, can either decrease the coin size, the number of coins, or both. The opposite decision can be made by players who are not afraid to use many credits at the moment. After all, the higher the bets get, the higher the payout potential is as well!

Lastly, remember that the less credits you use each bet, the more bets you can make with the same number of credits. Therefore, these two buttons can be very efficient in elongating the time you play.

Bet Max

This is the best button for all the players who want to win the most, the fastest. A single click of a button will increase the number of coins, the coin size, and will mark all lines at once. The next spin will be triggered right away, and you will be able to enjoy the highest winning potential immediately!

What are you waiting for? It is time to play, enjoy and win, now at Mega Moolah!