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Liquid Gold Mobile Pokies – 10 Free Spins and Unique Benefits Can Now Be Yours!

Do you love gold? Shining and bright symbols? How about some high multiplies, which can get up 50X of your total bet? And how much would you like to play one of the most favoured games in the casino industry… for free? These benefits and many others are waiting for you on Liquid Gold Mobile Pokies and you can play and win all of them at this very moment! With the Scatter, Wild and Melting Pot symbols, the special gambling features, the ability to play the game for free and win for real, win up to 100,000 credits, and enjoy many other special benefits you will find only in this game, it is crystal clear you will enjoy more than ever before!

Wait no more! Learn everything required about the game and make your first deposit immediately! You will definitely have the time of your life…!

Scatter – the Golden Bonus!

There is no worthy real money mobile bonus game without a great Scatter symbol. Here, you will be able to recognize this symbols very quickly since it has the BONUS title written on it in gold, and it is shining bright! The Scatter symbol has a few major benefits:

Free Spins & Doubled Wins!

Three, four or five Scatter symbols are all that it takes in order to trigger 10 free spins right away, and this is your way to play for free and win for real! In addition to that, all credits won during the free spins will be 2X multiplied immediately!

Bet Multipliers!

Before the free spins start, there is another special benefit you can enjoy, thanks to the Scatter symbol – the bet multipliers! Three Scatter symbols which appear on adjacent reels will trigger the 2X multiplier immediately. In case you won four Scatters in a single spin, you can be sure the 5X bet multiplier will be triggered right away! Lastly, the 50X total bet multiplier can also be yours, once you play and win five Scatter symbols on all five reels. Are you ready for it?

The Liquid Gold Symbol, and its Special Benefits!

There is another special symbol which no reputable no deposit bonus pokies game can exist without. This symbol is called the Wild symbol, and in this game, it has the Liquid Gold title on it.

The first, and most important, feature, of this symbol is its ability to substitute almost any other symbol on the reels. As a matter of fact, it can replace all others excluding the Scatter (BONUS) symbol. By doing so, Wild makes it much easier for the players to enjoy more and better winning combinations, and thus to win a lot of credits in no time at all!

For example, two identical symbols which appear next to each other cannot usually create a winning combination which will benefit the player with a payout. However, once the Wild symbol appears on an adjacent reel, the players will be able to enjoy a three of a kind combination and the relevant payout as well!

The secondary special benefit of this great symbol, is the high number of credits players can win once two, three, four or five Wild symbols appear on adjacent reels. The payouts are as follows: tow Wilds are worth 10 credits, three Wilds are worth 100 credits, and four Wilds are worth no less than 500 credits! If you are truly lucky and you have five Wild symbols on all five reels, be prepared to enjoy the high 5000 credits payout… in one single spin!

Lastly, any three mixed Liquid Gold or Melting Pot symbols which appear on any stop position on adjacent reels will grant the player with the special Scatter Award!

Melting Pot

The Melting Pot is another special symbol which is mostly known for the high number of credits it grants the players. Two, three, four and five such symbols will grant the players with the following payouts, relatively: 5 credits, 50 credits, 200 credits, and 2000 credits!

Time to Gain Some Control!

Some players love Liquid Gold mobile pokies since it is full of surprising and unexpected bonuses and benefits. However, other players find most interest in the game since they can combine all of these surprises with gambling features they are able to control. Here are some features you will probably enjoy using as you play:


Clicking the Lines button allows players to mark the lines before the game starts. By marking multiple lines, the players are able to take greater control over their bets and thus to take part in deciding how the results of the next spin are going to look like.

Coins, Coins Size, and Bets

Whether you want to elongate your game, while using the same number of credits, to increase your winning potential, or simply to explore the game, these two features will allow you to take the game to the next level in no time at all!

The + and – buttons are all that you need in order to increase or decrease your coin size. The Coins button, similarly, is what you need in order to opt how many coins you will use in the next spin. Manipulating both of these buttons will allow you to gain the highest level of control over your bets at any given moment. There is no limit on the number of times you can modify any of the mentioned above.

The first prominent benefit of these features is that they enable you to decrease the number of coins you use per spin in order to play more spins with the same amount of coins, and thus to elongate your game. This is a good thing for players who recently lost a noticeable amount of credits, or simply feel they don't want to take great risks at the moment, yet want to keep on playing.

Another prominent advantage of these features is that they enable you to increase, gradually, your bets, and thus to increase, gradually, your winning potential. After all, the more you deposit, the more you can win!

Bet Max

Feeling impatient? Want to win as much as possible, as quickly as possible? If so, this feature is just what you are looking for! Clicking it once will trigger the next spin right after all lines are marked, the coin size is increased to the max and so is the number of coins! This is, without a doubt, the fastest way to make your winning potential the greatest it can get in the game. There is no limit on the number of times you can use this feature in a game, so don't let anything stop you from enjoying its benefits!

Enjoy the Benefits of Playing Mobile Now!

Luckily, Liquid Gold is a game you can play on mobile, and the more you use its benefits, the better your experience will get!

The most noticeable advantage players report they enjoy from, once they start playing this game on the mobile devices, is the fact they can take the game with them virtually everywhere! Whether they are on a train, in the bus, waiting in a line, or at the beach… they can play, win and enjoy!

Another advantage of the game's mobile mode, which some people really love to use, is to play the game at home, but without accessing their computer. This will usually be when they will decide to play mobile without getting out of bed, or getting up the couch…

If you, too, cannot wait until you will enjoy all the best benefits and bonuses of Liquid Gold Mobile Pokies simply start playing now! Satisfaction guaranteed!