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Centre Court Online Pokies – Play and Win 18 Free Spin and High Multipliers!

Play and win the best pokies game available today on web – Centre Court Online Pokies! When playing this game, you will be able to win up to 450,000 credits, to enjoy no less than 18 free spins, to make the most out of high multipliers (up to 5X!), and even to enjoy the fun and unique Gamble Feature! Scatter and Wild symbols will make your game more thrilling than ever before, and the ability to take control over the game with the special gambling features will allow you to create the balance you want between the expected and unexpected in moments! What are you waiting for? Join and enjoy!

Are You Into Some Free Spins?

Winning free spins, and many of them, is easy with the online pokies no deposit bonus of Centre Court Online Pokies! All that it takes from you is simply to win three, or more, Scatter symbols on adjacent reels in a single spin! These will trigger 18 free spins right away, in which you will have to deposit absolutely nothing yet keep on winning real money credits! Great multipliers will also be applied on your real money winnings during the free spins, starting from 2X and 3X multipliers, and going all the way up to 4X and 5x multipliers!

Scatter Pays More!

Winning a few Scatter symbols on adjacent reels grants the players with more than 18 free spins and high multipliers! Once you have two Scatters, or more, on your reels, you will be able to enjoy high payouts in no time at all. The Scatter's payouts are as follows: two Scatters are worth 2 credits, three Scatters are worth 3 credits and four Scatters will benefit you with 30 credits in no time at all. However, if you are truly lucky and you won five Scatter symbols on all five reels, you will be able to win no less than 500 credits in one single spin!

Winning the credits does not forfeit your eligibility to win the free spins. As a matter of fact, these credits are added to the payline, and then the free spins are triggered. Are you ready to win this unique no deposit bonus?

The Game Is Getting Wild! And So are the Bonuses!

Some features in this game make it so popular among many players from all over the world, and one of them is the Wild symbol which can benefit the players in the following ways:

Substitutes Other Symbols

The Centre Court cup is the Wild symbol in this game, which is capable of replacing all other symbols excluding the Scatter. By replacing other symbols, this cup can help you win more credits in less effort than ever before, and to get very excited while you do!

For example, if two identical symbols appear on reels #3 and #5, it is usually impossible to enjoy a payout since no winning combination was created. However, in case the Wild symbol lands on reel #4, it can replace the missing symbol and help create a three of a kind winning combination. This will trigger the payout that would have been granted if the original three of a kind combination was created on your reels. Four and five of a kind winning combinations can also be created this way, by using the Wild.

Triggers High Payouts

Once a few Wild symbols appear next to one another on the reels, you can be confident you will win great payouts right away! The Wild's payouts are as follows: two Wild symbols are worth 10 credits, while three such symbols will benefit you with no less than 100 credits! If you are lucky enough to win four Wild symbols, be sure you will win 500 credits in no time at all! The greatest payout, however, will be granted to you once you win five Wild symbols on all five reels: 1,000 credits!

The last thing that is good to keep in mind is that the Wild symbol is stacked during the free spins mode!

Additional High Paying Symbols

The Scatter and Wild symbols are not the only ones which grant with many credits in a single spin, and sometimes their payouts are not even the highest in this game! Of course, it depends on the number of such symbols which appear on the reels, but it is always good to remember that there are many other symbols that can boost your game in seconds, and make you enjoy your game as you never enjoyed it before!

Two such symbols are the Match Point symbol and the male player with the white and red shirt. These symbols can create payouts which can get up to 150, 200, 700 and even 800 credits in one single spin!

Your Game – Your Terms! Learn How to Take Control Over the Game!

There are a lot of things that make the pokies games so popular and fun, and one of them is the constant thrill that is followed by each and every spin. It is crystal clear that as long as you cannot fully expect the next step, but you have a general feeling of what may happen, you will always be intrigued when expecting to see the next spin's results.

However, some players also enjoy using some features which will give them a greater sense of control, and will allow them to create the balance they want between being surprised and deciding what will happen next.

Here are some gambling features you may like to use in order to decide how to play your game:

Increase Your Winning Chances By Using the Special Gamble Feature!

Once you trigger the Gamble Feature, you can select either a colour or a suit, and to gamble for the ability to win multiple credits easily! In case you choose the right colour, you will win 50 credits right away, and if you opted the right suit, you will be able to enjoy 100 credits in no time at all. So, what will be your prize?

Take Full Control Over Your Bets!

Controlling your bets is easier than ever before when playing Centre Court Online Pokies! This is so since the two features Coins and Coin Size are in this game! The Coin Size feature can be modified with the + and – buttons, which allow you to increase and decreased your coin size as you wish. Coins feature is controlled by the Coins button, which lets you choose the exact number of coins you want to use the following spin. Using either of these coins, or the both of them, allows you to gain full control over your bets and to decide exactly how much, and when, to wager.

In addition to that, these features also allow you to give the tone of the game, to choose how your winning potential will look like, and, in general, how long the game may last. This is so since the higher your bets get, the higher your winning potential gets, relatively. On the other hand, if you have a certain amount of credits and you want to make your game as long as possible, all you have to do is decrease the bet per spin. This way, you will be able to “spread” your credits over more bets, and thus to enjoy spinning the reels more times than you would have without taking this action!

Bet Max

As previously mentioned, the higher your bets get, the higher your winning potential gets as well. Therefore, it is only natural that the creators of the game will create a button you can use in order to enjoy the highest winning potential possible, as quick as you can. If you cannot wait for the moment you can increase the number of coins chosen, as well as the size of your coins… simply click Bet Max! As you do, your bet will be increased to the highest one possible in the game, and the next spin will be triggered right away! All that is left for you to do, from this moment on, is watch the screen, and wait for the results…! There is no limit on the number of times one can use this feature, so don't hesitate to overuse it!