Play Avalon 2 Pokies Australia

Since it first appeared more than a decade ago, the original Avalon has been one of the most popular games in the online casino. Not surprisingly, Avalon 2, the sequel to the original, is just as popular as its predecessor and it's loaded with a full array of new and improved features, like the popular 243 ways to win feature, which replaces the familiar pay lines with winning combinations that are automatically active on every spin. One thing that hasn't changed is the theme. The new pokies game is still based on the Arthur legend, but it brings in more of the characters and makes the graphics even better, making it an even more immersive experience. The Lady of the Lake is even more ethereal than before, and Arthur looks even braver and fiercer. Merlin is more mysterious, and Guinevere, Arthur's wife, even more beautiful. Best of all, the new pokies game is loaded with bonus features. A few spins, and you'll be seeking your own holy grail alongside Arthur and his brave knights of the round table. And a few more spins and you'll see why Avalon has always been one of the favourites among Aussie casino slots.

A New Pokies Game to Rule All Pokies Games

Considering the enormous popularity of the original Aussie casino slots game, the new and improved Avalon 2 pokies Australia may well be the very best game in the online casino. And the special features are hard to compare to any other Aussie casino slots games. There are new fewer than eight bonus games, all of which are excellent games in their own right, but coming one after the next in Avalon 2 combine to create something truly special. There are also an array of wild symbols, a scatter symbol, and a special Merlin feature. The Avalon 2 logo is a wild whenever it appears, replacing any symbol other than the scatter symbol. There is also a special expanding wild symbol. Whenever the Lady of the Lake, the character who is credited with giving the sword Excalibur to Arthur, appears on the third reel, she is liable to expand to turn the whole reel into a wild symbol. That means that it could trigger multiple ways of winning simultaneously. Merlin, ever the magician, can appear unexpectedly at any time and offer special cash awards. The scatter symbol is the most sought after symbol on the board, and the prize of the entire adventure. Naturally, it would take the form of the Holy Grail itself. When three Grails appear at the same time, it triggers one of the many bonus games.

Aussie Casino Slots as You've Never Seen Them

The series of eight bonus features are designed to take you through an adventure that begins in Camelot and ends at the island of Avalon, where legend has it that Arthur retired to await his death. It is also believed to be the place where his sword was forged. And you get to re-forge his sword by rolling dice collecting prizes for each piece put back together. The next station brings you free spins, and the one after, set in the Whispering Woods, lets you choose your shield, and the bonus prize that goes with it. There are more free spins a Forest Falls, and a matching challenge at Dusky Moors that results in a multiplier. Morgan's Keep is next with free spins and Rolling Reels. You battle the Black Knight at Hall of Shadows, and win a prize for every blow you inflict on Arthur's enemy. Finally, at Avalon, you spin the Wheels of Avalon and collect a prize for completing the cycle.  The profitable sequence is triggered by hitting three Holy Grail symbols at once, multiple times. So it pays to keep spinning the reels. So see why Avalon 2 Pokies Australia is the Aussie Casino Slots game par excellence.